21 Filthy Rich Pastors

When you think of religion, the word selflessness is almost always in the equation. They say that the love of money is the root of all evil. So why is there so much money in religion? If you haven’t noticed by now, pastors and churches are making some serious cash.  Have you ever wondered where your weekly donation goes? You want to believe it’s going towards a good cause, right? Guess what, a lot of it isn’t!


Churches have the ability to operate under an innocent guise. No one wants to bust a popular pastor for dipping his hand into the money stash. It will ruin the dreams of all his followers. What the followers don’t know is that some pastors are only in it for the money because they realized religion is a profitable business.

When you see the amount of money the following pastors have, you are going to feel stupefied!  The way they have become so rich by selling the word of God is truly mysterious. Number one’s riches are unbelievable!

21. Ed Young, Net Worth: $11 Million



Before Ed became a pastor, he was lacing up for the Florida State University’s basketball team. During his sophomore year, a higher power called his name. He decided to switch schools and follow the same career path as his father. In 1998 he opened the first Fellowship permanent facility in Grapevine, Texas. Nowadays, you can see his smiling face on the E! Channel. Young also recently became a New York Times bestselling author with his book The Sexperiment. The man has put in some serious work to make his 11 mil.