12 Rappers Who Are Dead Sober

Flipping birds, stacking racks, and blowing down MJ are the main focus of most raps songs. Anyone who listens to rap knows 99% of all rap music is rappers bragging about these things. It’s only natural for the listener to assume the rappers are indulging in all these tasty treats. What’s wild is the way they blatantly talk about what they do or claim they do while not having a run-in with Johnny Law (at least some of them).


Well, surprisingly, some rappers don’t indulge in drugs. They choose to live the sober life while doing what they love. Some sober rappers have cleaned up their lives and talk about their rough pasts. Other rappers still make references to drugs while not actually partaking in the party. Are they wannabees?

In the following slides, you will meet all the rappers in the game who miraculously aren’t rolling up Ls while cutting it up in the Pyrex. Number 2 is the biggest surprise!

12. Tyler the Creator



Instead of rapping about how blazed he gets on the regular, Tyler chooses to mix in some blood and gore into his raps. He even makes references to how he chooses to live a sober life while others are getting high all day. The Creator isn’t one of those kind of rappers like Wiz, who derives his creativity from a fat blunt. But who is more popular? Since the Creator is a part of Odd Future, he is still exposed to drugs daily, but his willpower keeps his nose clean.