10 Movie Stars Who Got Their Start in the Adult Film Industry

In order to get to the top, most people start from rock bottom. The majority of the time, the bottom is a place not worth remembering, but there’s a difference between humble beginnings and selling part of your soul to get a start. In the case of soul selling, the person usually does something dirty.


The adult film business is a controversial one. For some, it is sleazy, while for others, it’s a form of artful expression.  The latter are mostly the people who make a living off adult film.

Before an actor becomes famous, they’re stuck living in uncertainty, and sometimes rash decisions are made. Get ready to see some celebs who got their start in adult entertainment. Number one is a real shocker!

10. David Duchovny



Hank Moody is no stranger to steamy scenes. Nowadays, when people watch the new X-Files episodes, it’s hard not to see Duchovny in a new light. In the original series, he seemed like a somewhat innocent guy.

Before becoming famous from his X-Files role, Duchovny landed small roles in commercials and TV shows. It wasn’t until the ’90s that Duchovny got his first big break as a narrator for Red Shoe Diaries.  The show was on the soft-core side, which was a popular niche before the Internet.

Recently, Duchovny battled his owns demons when he checked into rehab for sex addiction and lost his wife, Tea Leoni, in the process. Hank Moody was too big of a force for him to defeat.