10 Examples That Prove the Kardashians Are Evil

No family in the world is better at masking their true intentions than the Kardashians. When the cameras are on, they know it’s time to act–but not in the traditional sense. These people didn’t take acting lessons or study theater. They studied the art of manipulation.


If you can see past their big smiles, you will see evil lingers below. Who knows what the Kardashians do behind closed doors.

The examples in this article are 10 of the many examples that prove the Kardashians are evil. If you suspected them of evil, here is your chance to confirm your suspicions. Number 1 is their most demented act!

10. They Use Chinese Sweatshops



The Kardashians aren’t stupid. Once they became famous, it was time to start branding their own clothing lines. Kanye West has always been part of the fashion world. He and Kim now generate millions of dollars from their clothing lines.

Here’s the interesting part. Their clothes are produced in areas of China with no government regulations. Workers in these areas are treated like slaves and make a maximum of $1 per hour! They also work double the hours of an American work week. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the Kardashians are employing them to produce their threads. Can’t you see Kim K with a whip putting them to work?

When confronted about the matter, no answers were offered by the Kardashians.